USWCC Releases Findings on the Ryan Budget and its Economic Impact on Women

The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce reports the Ryan Budget is an economic assault on women.  If the Ryan Budget is enacted it could wipe out the economic gains we have made over the last 50 years. It would attack women’s gains in the workforce, business ownership, earnings, education and healthcare – and it would annihilate our health and economic safety net.

The Ryan budget ignores the challenges that women-owned businesses are facing as he seeks to reduce access to loans for women-owned firms, dramatically cut access to education and assistance for women-owned firms, and reduce federal contract awards for small business by $133 billion. Not only will this impact opportunities for women-owned firms, it is clear Mr. Ryan fails to understand how vitally important women-owned firms can be to the growth of our economy.

And, it would put our path towards wealth creation and economic security on a backwards spiral.

Instead of supporting women’s economic security, prosperity, opportunity and mobility – the Ryan Budget undermines women’s economic opportunity and security, abolishes access to affordable healthcare, and eviscerates the safety net and mobility while giving away billions of dollars to high earners and corporations.

Read USWCC findings.

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