Why isn’t Mississippi sending women to Washington?

A stunning statistic caught our eye, Mississippi is one of the only states in the county that has yet to elect a woman to congress or serve as governor.

Coria Williams was one of first female police officers in Memphis, and the only woman to run for Mayor of Southaven in the last election.

Williams said, “Women have been kept in the background. Be seen and not heard. Even when it comes to decisions that affect women.”

But it’s women, she says, who didn’t stand behind her in the mayoral race.

“Monetary help, stuff like that,” She said, “But as far as coming out to a rally where they would be seen some of them hesitated.”

Mississippi has all men representing the state in Washington.

Pat Hamilton will tell you a lot of politically charged women helped get them there, “I think the roots of it are grass roots.”

She said women are a powerful force on a campaign, and more of them are stepping forward to take the lead, “I see in many other states where women have just stepped over that line, and taken that chance. I think Mississippi is ready.”

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