Women leaders to speak at Ridge High School in Basking Ridge

Women leaders in government, business, academia and the arts will be coming to Ridge High School to speak at a student-organized Women’s Leadership Summit.

The event, in which 10 featured women will each give 20-minute speeches on a variety of topics, is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 14, at the Ridge High Performing Arts Center (PAC) on South Finley Avenue.

Admission is $5 and everyone of either gender is welcome to attend.

Ridge High class junior Luca Jobbagy helped organized the event, which is being sponsored by the Ridge High School Alliance for Young Social Entrepreneurs, a new group comprising about 70 students.

Even in today’s society, Jobbagy said, women and girls are often led to believe they’re not strong enough or too emotional to be leaders.

“If you look across the board, less than 4 percent of Fortune 500 companies are controlled by women, and only 17 percent of the seats in Congress are held by women,” she said.

The goal of the conference is to promote positive self-esteem, increased confidence, and leadership qualities among the young women in the community, she said.

“We’re really hoping to inspire the future generation of female leaders, be it in surgery or politics,” she added.

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