Wyoming Has A Shortage Of Women In The Legislature

For years women’s groups in the state have expressed concern about the lack of women in the Wyoming legislature. But it has rarely been this bad. Currently the state ranks 46th with women making up 14 percent.

In 2006 the Wyoming women’s legislative caucus was formed to not only support the 14 women serving in the state legislature, but to also recruit female candidates to run for office. It hasn’t gone well. Melissa Turley is the Caucus Coordinator.

“Unfortunately we find ourselves today in 2014 with only 13 women in the legislature. So while we’ve set out to increase our numbers, we’ve seen a decline.”

They did get up to 21 women lawmakers in 2008, which was the largest number since 1994…but it fell down again after the next election. Senator Bernadine Craft of Rock Springs is one of two women serving in the State Senate. She says it’s not that voters don’t want to vote for women.

“We find that if women run for office, they are every bit as likely as men to get elected as men are. It’s that women choose not to run.”

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