You’ll Never Guess the Best State for Women Entrepreneurs

The areas where women entrepreneurs are lacking get a lot of attention--in the tech industry, say--but perhaps we should spend a little more time celebrating the many and growing spaces where female business owners are doing really well.

As you'd expect, the most populous states, like California, have the most female-owned businesses in a straight head count, but things got more interesting when the researchers looked not just at the quantity of firms but where women-owned companies are contributing the most to the economy.
So where are women-owned firms an increasingly large share of the business landscape? Not California or any other recognized entrepreneurial hot spot--not by along shot. Here are the top 10:
1. North Dakota
2. District of Columbia
3. Nevada
4. Arizona
5. Georgia
6. Wyoming
7. Virginia
8. Maryland
9. Texas (tied for ninth place)
10. Utah (tied for ninth place)
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