City of Ottawa IL Signs Proclamation for Women’s History Month

030215 Ottawa ProclamationProclamation

WHEREAS, The City of Ottawa has a long-standing history of dedicated woman’s workers, volunteers and businesses;

WHEREAS, The City of Ottawa’s women of every race, class, and ethnic background have made historic contributions to the growth and strength of our City in countless recorded and unrecorded ways;

WHEREAS, The City of Ottawa women have played and continue to play a critical economic, cultural, and social role in every sphere of the life of the City of Ottawa by constituting a significant portion of the labor force working inside and outside of the home and;

WHEREAS, The City of Ottawa women have played a unique role throughout the history of the City by providing the majority of the volunteer labor force of the City and were particularly important in the establishment of early charitable, philanthropic, and cultural  institutions;

WHEREAS, The City of Ottawa women have been leaders, not only in securing their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity, but also in the abolitionist movement, the emancipation movement, the industrial labor movement, the civil rights movement, and  other movements, especially the peace movement, which create a more fair and just society for all; and

WHEREAS, the United State’s Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC., encourages all to remember and celebrate all women and to ensure that all women are offered equal opportunities in economic opportunities regardless of age, sexual orientation, income, ethnicity, race or religion.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Robert Eschbach, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, Illinois, do hereby   proclaim March 2015 as “Women’s History Month”.

Dated this 2nd of March, 2015.

Robert Eschbach, Mayor, City of Ottawa, Illinois

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