Women’s Economic Summit | USWCC Atlanta — Post Summit Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce | Atlanta Women's Economic Summit on June 24, 2015. This summit marked the beginning of our work in the region for the USWCC | Atlanta Region. We'll be following on with monthly meetings and activities -- see additional details below.

I want to share with you how much Terry Williams and I appreciated your participation, willingness to share your experiences / needs and the clear commitment you have to advancing your personal economic priorities and Women's Economic Priorities overall. The work of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta is vital and will contribute deeply to advancing women, families, business, jobs and community.

I extend thanks Bukie Opanuga (Modavate, Inc.), Sarah S. Lattimer (Lattimer Communications), Chuck Schadl (Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech), Karen Fite (Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership), Terri Dennison (Small Business Administration), all of our presenters and our host – Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech. You made this meeting a great success.

I wanted to share a little of what we learned about next steps in supporting USWCC | Atlanta Region:

(A) You told us you are interested in business growth (including government supplier activity) - - and, you have businesses at all different size, age and growth levels. To address this, the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce | Atlanta Region will segment our efforts for business into three channels:

  1. The USWCC | Atlanta Region Business Council will hold GrowthMasters™ monthly meetings for all businesses to continue highlighting regional opportunities, general business growth insights, engaging with successful business owners and influencers, etc. We will also hold web conference meetings to supplement the needs of this group.
  2. The USWCC | Atlanta Region Supplier Council will meet live/in-person as well as via web conference. Our National Director of Supplier Development will work to focus and support the ongoing needs of this regional council.
  3. The USWCC | Atlanta Region High Growth & Venture Firms Council will focus on the unique needs of established firms that have high growth initiatives.

(B) You are also very focused on community, job creation, access to affordable healthcare, retirement security and public policy priorities / advocacy to support the full set of Women's Economic Priorities. We will hold specific meetings on important topics with key influencers and stakeholders in the region.

I’ll be forwarding the contact list shortly of those who voiced their desire to step up and lead USWCC | Atlanta Region as we work together to bring about the activities detailed above. If you were unable to stay for the final segment and would like to be part of this leadership group, please let me know by emailing ceo@uswcc.org. I’ll be arranging a web conference meeting with our leaders to help focus and organize our next steps for the USWCC | Atlanta Region.

Again, anyone interested in helping us with next steps in the region – or anyone simply wanting to drop me a note or refer additional information or Atlanta area supporters who want to take part generally, please email me at ceo@uswcc.org.

I came away from the meeting very invigorated and ready for the USWCC to role up our collective sleeves to advance Women's Economic Priorities, YOUR economic priorities and the leadership of women all across Atlanta.

Here are links to items shared during the meeting:  USWCC Slides including "What's your Growth Positioning Strategy?, Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech and Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Women's Economic Priorities, and I thought you might like to read through The Women-Led Economy.

Also - did you checkout the photos at http://www.twitter.com/uswcc? Don't forget to follow us on twitter and at the USWCC | Georgia Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Margot Dorfman, CEO
U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce

We advance and protect Women's Economic Priorities.

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