USWCC Weekly – 7/28/15

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Vikki Hawthorne Appointed National Director | Supplier Development

vikki-hawthornThe U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce welcomes Vikki Hawthorne as National Director| Supplier Development. Vikki comes to the Chamber as an ‘insider’ with extensive experience in federal government contracting and training. A 30 year retired contracting veteran of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) , Vikki will work to propel our members in the government and commercial contracting space by providing education, extending relationships with Agency/Prime/Commercial acquisition teams and overseeing the efforts of the National and Regional Supplier Councils.

To take advantage of Vikki’s expertise, please join us:

August 5, 2015 Web Meeting: National Supplier Council: Intro & Assessment

September 9, 2015 Web Meeting: Supplier Council: Insider Tips to Accessing Federal Contracts

USWCC to Hold In-District Legislative Meetings in August

Building our influence in your region -- and across the U.S.

woman_washington_1200x600On the heels of the USWCC July Accountability in Contracting Small Business Summit held in Washington DC, the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce’s strategy for change includes In-District Legislative Meetings which will be held in August.

Over the last months and years, mounds of reports, whistle-blower testimony and other evidence have shown that small business suppliers to the federal government are being left out of billions of dollars of contracts. And women-owned firms are competing with non-women-owned firms in the WOSB Set-Aside Program. This summit showcased the issues and data — and provided small business advocates with the tools needed to turn the tide and bring real transparency and accountability to small business contracting.

USWCC Members are now asked to take steps to drive change by setting In-District Legislative Meetings in August to visit with their congressional leaders to build relationships while sharing our agenda with their congressional leaders. We are asking our representatives to hold the Small Business Administration and our Government agencies accountable to provide accurate data and prevent fraud and abuse.

Several documents are provided to assist you with setting up meetings, carrying our message, reporting your results.

View the Accountability in Contracting Presentation Here.

USWCC Looking for Business Owners Providing Best Employment Practices

clappingWith the discussion of family friendly work environments at an all-time high, the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is seeking to gain information regarding some best practices among our members. Currently we are interested in connecting with businesses that pay a living wage and have implemented scheduling practices that give their hourly workers input into their schedules, sufficient advance notice, adequate hours, etc. If you are willing to share your experience with us, please contact us here.

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