USWCC Los Angeles: Regional Introductory Meeting


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Welcome USWCC | Los Angeles!  This meeting will introduce you to the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, provide you with an overview of USWCC | Los Angeles region and an update of current activities being taken to advance the economic growth for women.


Lauren Stiles
Regional Director
USWCC | Los Angeles

Lauren Stiles is the Regional Director for USWCC | Los Angeles.  In her capacity as Regional Director, Lauren is focused at the economic growth for women in Los Angeles. Lauren is building a strong network and regional councils.

Lauren is also a dedicated trainer, consultant and keynote speaker and  has helped thousands of individuals and organizations solve their problems and pave their way to success. She has particular expertise in franchise management in the salon industry, and is known for her engaging, inspirational and educational trainings.

Stiles has 20-plus years in the salon industry, and has designed and launched sales and customer service programs in over 1,300 salons across the United States. She has also spearheaded a number of employee incentive programs for salons, boosting staff retention by over 25 percent.

Date & Time

Web Conference Meeting

Meeting Date: April 16, 2015 All times shown are Pacific Standard Time
Start Time: 10 am PST
End Time: 11 am PST

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Registrants: 8
  • Lola O
  • Daniel Rice
  • Alicia Arevalo-Poliandro
  • Madhuri Yalamanchi
  • Rhonda Ozanian
  • mywares
  • Kathi Scott
  • Brenda Anderson