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Dear SBA Office of Advocacy:

My small business is actively seeking access to federal contracts. Leaders from the Small Business Administration consistently tout that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and travel the country promoting the SBA support of small business contractors.

However, it is clear that bad data and inflated results have been touted regarding the federal government achievement of small business, women-owned small business and other socio-economic goals. How can American small businesses trust our government and the Small Business Administration, if the SBA is not consistently supporting us?

The SBA was founded to champion and protect small businesses; but SBA actions are not in alignment with these goals. It is clear from the Public Citizen report that you are using methods to inflate small business contracting results to look good -- while robbing small businesses of billions of dollars each year.

This deception impacts our businesses, our communities and our families.

I call upon the SBA Office of Advocacy -- which was founded to be "an independent voice for small business in the federal government" -- to be my advocate today. I need you to help put an end to the misrepresentation of goaling achievements and call out for deep and true governmental reform of the Small Business Administration operations and resource allocations.

Thank you.

SBA Get Real

Dear SBA Office of Advocacy:

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