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Thank you for engaging with the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce. Please complete the form below to register with the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce and attend WOSB/EDWOSB Overview and Certification Process web-conference meeting.

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Select Councils

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='38' class=''] Public Policy

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='40' class=''] I Vote for Women

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='39' class=''] Young Women

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='41' class=''] Career & Workplace

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='42' class=''] The Women-Led Economy

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='43' class=''] Financial Management & Retirement

Select Policy Issues

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='76' class=''] Consumer Financial Protection

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='77' class=''] Economy

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='78' class=''] Energy

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='79' class=''] Fair Pay & Workplace Policies

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='80' class=''] Appropriations & Budget

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='81' class=''] Government Contracting

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='82' class=''] Health Care & Benefits

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='83' class=''] Commerce & Trade

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='84' class=''] Policy & Politics

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='85' class=''] Retirement

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='86' class=''] Small Business

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='87' class=''] Technology & Communications

[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='88' class=''] Veterans & Women in the Military

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